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Forbes: Corporate wellness strengthens the condition of companies

Tuesday, 31 August, 2021
@Monika Ciesielska

In the latest Forbes, we talk about the mental health of employees, which can no longer be neglected. Leaders of the new era care about the mental condition of their employees as much as they do about tough business results.
A great example of how to take care of your own well-being is Simone Bills – the American, multiple Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, who, just before the start, withdrew from the team and individual competition at the Tokyo Olympics in order to protect her mental health.

This admirable attitude, which was opposed to the pressure exerted, will be cultivated by wise leaders in their teams and set as an example. Being a truly understanding and attentive leader has just become a competency sought after in the market.

“It is preferable to find a balance between improving and expanding the business, with an emphasis on innovation, growth, research, and development, and inspiring and pushing people to grow, providing diversity and building belonging. Organizations that skillfully build a sense of belonging record six times more revenue than those that do not. ” says Monika Ciesielska, founder at Carpenter Consulting, president of the global headhunting organization IMSA Search Global Partners.

More about the well-being of employees and human-centric leadership in Magdalena Krukowska’s article “Corporate wellness strengthens the condition of companies” (Forbes 9/2021) and in Forbes online.

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