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Podcast: HR on Wings – #6 Szymon Janiak / Role of HR in Venture Capital

Tuesday, 25 January, 2022
@Monika Ciesielska

The world of startups, with all these new technologies, progress, change, innovations, all these rounds of financing that are inscribed in the landscape, oh yes – this world seems to be incredibly attractive. The ambition of most founders is to build a company that will convince millions of users with its product or service. The road to achieving the unicorn status, which is a symbol of success, is not, however, filled with roses, but with hard work, determination and dedication. However, it is worth following your dreams.

Is there a place to build HR processes in these dynamic, constantly changing organizations? Or is this topic marginalized due to narrow budgets and concentration on other equally important areas?

With an open mind, though a bit skeptical, I started my next conversation within the “HR on Wings” podcast. Together with Szymon Janiak, Managing Partner and Co-founder in the venture capital fund, we talked about the role of HR in companies financed by VC. And what turned out at the end? The conclusions and experiences that Szymon shared have significantly changed my perspective and I think that there is nothing more exciting than building organizational culture and HR processes in companies driven by change, which are characterized by a “wild run to innovation”.

Let’s find out together how much knowledge and awareness in the human resources area is in venture capital despite the crazy pace with which the companies they support are facing. Enjoy!


  • organizational structure of companies from the VC portfolio,
  • how are startups supported beyond capital?
  • recruiting HR or strategic HR?
  • acquiring HR talents with a limited budget,


  • building organizational culture in the companies in the growth phase,
  • competencies sought in founders,


  • the male world of startups,
  • building a business focused on internationalization,
  • VC investments in digital transformation of HR processes,

🕙 35:04 – HR CHALLENGES in VC

  • how to encourage talents from the IT market to work in a startup?
  • how to introduce managers to startups in the growth phase?

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To follow the podcast “Skrzydlaty HR”, I invite team leaders, management staff, and HR practitioners for whom development and change are natural and desirable. Listen to how others do it.#skrzydlatyhr #hronwings

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