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Podcast: HR on Wings – #5 Maja Chabińska-Rossakowska / The Great Resignation - dlaczego pracownicy odchodzą?

Tuesday, 11 January, 2022
@Monika Ciesielska

Some people have the amazing gift of saying important things in a way that hits the nail on the head, invites self-reflection, and encourages action. Maja Chabińska-Rossakowska can be listened to compulsively. Conversation with her is like an addictive audiobook, which we listen to while sitting in a comfortable armchair with a cup of hot tea in our hands. In the “HR on Wings” podcast, we talk about generational changes, attentiveness to employees, caring for the development of those who want and are able to learn, creating communities within the organization, and about leaders building bridges between employees. We’re talking about the Great Resignation.

“The pandemic has tested the organizational cultures of companies. People felt the hard way whether they were being listened to, whether their opinion was taken into account, whether the employer cares about them in terms of building safety at work. Some companies have passed this exam, others have not, ”says Maja Chabińska-Rossakowska, Head of HR at ING Bank Śląski.

I invite you to a unique journey through the meanders of the Great Resignation, which I divided into several blocks for the convenience of listening:


  • the importance of the Great Resignation for employers,
  • a pandemic as a litmus test of the organizational culture of companies,
  • should HR redefine the concept of engagement?


  • need to return to offices,
  • change of career path and the ability to learn,
  • burnout,
  • mental health and well-being versus the generation issue,


  • building a culture of inclusion, diversity, and equality (including payroll),
  • employees’ expectations towards the employer (benefits, flexibility, amenities),
  • a recipe for increasing retention in the company,
  • leaders supporting and building bridges,


  • do employers have anything to fear?
  • technologies changing the world,
  • postulates for leaders.
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To follow the podcast “Skrzydlaty HR”, I invite team leaders, management staff, and HR practitioners for whom development and change are natural and desirable. Listen to how others do it.

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