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Podcast: HR on Wings – #7 David Nirenberg, Mitch Berger / Recruitment of the new era

Thursday, 17 February, 2022
@Monika Ciesielska

How the labor market has changed during the pandemic, and how does it influence the recruitment process? Who knows it better than us, the executive recruiters, who are in the middle of the war for talents. And this war is getting more and more intense when the demand exceeds the supply, which in other words means that the market is having a lot to offer and the companies are doing their best to attract the talents.

I thought that I would discuss this topic from a wider perspective, therefore I invited two recruitment veterans from North America to my podcast “HR on Wings” – Mitchell Berger, CEO at the Howard-Sloan (USA), and David Nirenberg, Managing Partner at SKR Partners (Canada).

„The world does evolve and work from home is compelling and won’t go away. So if you rule out work from home, you’ll be ruling out a good percentage of top-caliber candidates, and especially you’ll be ruling out the vast majority of top-caliber candidates the younger they are. This is now an established norm, there’s proof of concept the productivity can be high and outstanding, and we have to embrace it because it’s a great trend.” David Nirenberg says.

“Clients should always have been selling the candidate. The candidates care greatly right now about what clients stand for, and that’s something that the client has to really tell the story about. That’s a big part of why candidates are joining. What’s the purpose of the job and the company, what do they stand for? That’s the very important criteria right now in attracting the right talent to your organization” underlines Mitch Berger.

Let’s talk about the recruitment of the new era. 


  • virtual hiring is here to stay?
  • location no longer limits the talent pool,
  • evolvement of the job posting,
  • attracting the candidates.


  • the industry represented by the employer matters now more than ever?
  • company’s reputation – become a company the candidate wants to be part of,
  • diversity and inclusion – the role of the recruiters around this topic,
  • professionals are rethinking their purpose / The Great Resignation in the USA.


  • is there room for improvement?
  • new skills to be developed by the recruiters of the new era,
  • predictions of changes for the future.

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To follow the podcast “Skrzydlaty HR”, I invite team leaders, management staff, and HR practitioners for whom development and change are natural and desirable. Listen to how others do it.

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