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Podcast: HR on Wings – #3 Anita Rogalska / Building a DEI culture

Tuesday, 23 November, 2021
@Monika Ciesielska
Skrzydlaty HR

How to make a business transformation happen, and at the same time not to lose the organizational culture built over the years, and even enrich it with ingredients necessary to build employees’ belonging? These ingredients are diversity, equality and inclusion. Ingredients that are a remedy to increase retention in the company. They make you really want to work there. Today we will hear about how this was achieved at Philip Morris International from Anita Rogalska, People & Culture Director Poland & Baltics – a real change provocateur, who will share her experiences and the energy that she undoubtedly draws from her work.

“We benchmark a lot. We look at other companies, especially at IT companies, and we see that the most innovative are the ones that are diverse. We made a conscious decision that we want 40% of women on the managerial level. In Poland, we have already achieved it. However, it requires very consistent decisions that we really want to go in this direction, as well as choosing the right moment, without losing sight of the candidates’ competences and removing barriers where they may appear. ”

The discussion between Monika Ciesielska and Anita Rogalska includes:

  • business transformation of Philip Morris combined with building an organizational culture based on diversity, inclusion, and equality,
  • answering the question – is it logical to pay less to your daughter than to your son?
  • Equal Salary Certification that only one company in Poland has,
  • building new competencies, unlearning and learning again,
  • the genesis of the “Happy Parents” program,
  • does diversity makes sense without cultivating an inclusion policy?

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We invite the team leaders, management staff, and HR practitioners for whom development and change are natural and desirable, to listen to the podcast “Skrzydlaty HR”. Listen to how others do it.

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