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Podcast: HR on Wings – #2 Andrzej Borczyk / Performance Management

Tuesday, 09 November, 2021
@Monika Ciesielska
Andrzej Borczyk - Performance Management

Employee Performance Management, contrary to appearances, is not a topic-based exclusively on numbers, settlements, and summaries. Not anymore. The new approach, used by organizations that are aware of incoming changes, is based on cooperation around goals, and above all on communication and feedback, which is provided on an ongoing and continuous basis.

“We do not hold people accountable for all their professional activities, but for those that have a real impact on business results, on the team’s performance, on our environment, on our clients and business partners. This is a very visible change. What was successful yesterday will not be successful tomorrow, because organizations have fewer and fewer human resources, more and more challenges from the outside world, and they have to act differently. ”

says Andrzej Borczyk, HR Director in Grupa Żywiec, who is a guest of the podcast ” HR on Wings”, one of the top voices at the HR scene in Poland.

The discussion between Monika Ciesielska and Andrzej Borczyk on employee performance management includes:

  • new face of performance management and the cooperation around goals,
  • use of technology in the evaluation process, modern tools and their effectiveness,
  • frequency of research and the feedback culture,
  • wage fairness and differentiation,
  • what “Moneyball” movie with Brad Pitt had to do with performance management.

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We invite all the team leaders, management staff, and HR practitioners for whom development and change are natural and desirable, to listen to the podcast “Skrzydlaty HR”. Listen to how others do it.

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