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Podcast: HR on Wings – #1 Marzena Mielecka / Human-Centric Leadership

Thursday, 23 September, 2021
@Monika Ciesielska

All the leaders, for whom development and change are natural and desirable, are invited to listen to the first episode of the “HR on Wings” podcast by Monika Ciesielska. Our first guest – Marzena Mielecka, HR Director at Bank Pekao S.A. shares her very interesting thoughts on leadership in an extremely volatile way, noting among others:

All I have to do is have a great team and develop this team to make it even better. My assumption is that I am as strong as the weakest member of my team.

We invite you to a conversation about human-centric leadership which includes:

  • the human-centered leadership model,
  • characteristic of the leader of a new era,
  • the voice of the employee,
  • building belonging inside the organization,
  • challenges facing the leaders in the near future.

The podcast is available on:




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