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“HR on Wings” – podcast by Monika Ciesielska

Thursday, 16 September, 2021
@Monika Ciesielska
Skrzydlaty HR

“There was a time when I wanted to become an air navigator. I spent time with my head in the clouds, admiring the world that looked so light and romantic from above. I was holding my breath watching the stunning landscapes and it was probably then that I fell in love with aviation. While preparing for the implementation of my own podcast, to which I invited inspiring guests, leaders in the field of human capital, aiming high, looking above the horizon, the title of the project came to my mind – HR on Wings.

I invite you to watch the movie preview of the HR on Wings podcast and the sky-high madness aboard a real warbird – De Havilland Tiger Moth. And in a week’s time, my first leadership interview will be published, which I am looking forward to, as you can see in the movie. “

P.S. Many thanks to Jacek Mainka – Dreamliner captain and owner of this beautiful warbird. Without him, this movie wouldn’t have happened.

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