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Introducing IMSA – pioneering AI platform to support the recruitment process

Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
@Monika Ciesielska

I remember talking to Jerry Chang, my colleague from IMSA China, and observing his enthusiasm which came with the vision of improving the executive search process, but most importantly the vision of creating the machine, which could easily match candidates’ professional objectives with available jobs offers.

Three years later, after involving a staff of developers, human resources experts, and lawyers, who helped us out with the GDPR compliance, we are announcing the launch of the IMSA This incredibly advances tool, is not only proving our understanding of the impact of new technologies on the recruitment process but is also creating the opportunity of accessing more than 200 executive head hunters of the IMSA Search Global Partner, who cooperate together in order to recommend senior level candidates from all over the world.

IMSA Search Global Partners is introducing today IMSA, a global database of C- and senior-level candidates, based on Artificial Intelligence.

Find out more about IMSA from its creator Jerry Chang in an interview: Introducing IMSA – pioneering Artificial Intelligence platform to support the recruitment process

And if you are ready to make a change, you are welcome to apply at IMSA

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