When not everything goes as planned at your home office

When not everything goes as planned at your home office

Sunday, December 30, 2018 @Monika Ciesielska

Satisfied I sit back down at the computer. I review a report on a Candidate that my consultant wrote. Suddenly the sun comes out from behind the clouds. Gosh, how is it possible that I didn’t see it earlier? The windows which extend right down to the floor are covered in dozens of small hand prints. I run to the bathroom for some window spray. I will get this done in 3 minutes.

It is now coming upon 1:00 pm. Enough is enough. The deadline for sending a short list of Candidates is today. I have to get to work immediately. I work like crazy for the next 1.5 hours. The silence in the apartment is broken by the tapping of fingers against the computer keyboard. I have checked over two reports, I have replied to more emails. I think I will have a cup of tea – I say to myself. Maybe I will munch on something as well? Working in an office I very often forget about lunch, and now – I will simply make it. I am happy to have had a warm, home-cooked meal. My home office is awesome!

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