Tennis is a combination of passion with business

Publication date: Monday, May 9, 2016
Tennis is a combination of passion with business

Work Life Balance as a concept intended to become a remedy for worked out and burned employees and to restore a healthy balance between private and professional life, is a frequent occurrence in Polish companies?

We want a reasonable balance between how much time we devote to work and how much to our family and the development of our passions. The problem is that in many companies expectations for engagement and productivity are increasing. On the one hand, the performance bar is being raised every year, on the other hand we talk more and more about the Work Life Balance. The companies want a balance, not overtime and extra hours, but the task approach. In practice,  it turns out that there are so much tasks, that the work time is not enough to fulfil them. So again, we take the work home. And that means moving the stress of the whole day on the family and the imbalance of the relationship.

An interview with Monika Ciesielska was published in the magazine "The Polish Tennis " No. 1/2016 (Spring)