Since the very begining, Carpenter Consulting is developing its services regarding evaluation of managerial competencies and assessing the efiiciency and satisfaction from work among existing staff. Our goal is to fulfill each request of our clients, associated with Human Resources Managment. Among our services you may find:

Executive Search

Executive Search, namely consulting in middle and senior management recruitment, has been our main service since the outset, i.e. 2005. A recruitment project is preceded by the collection of data about our Client’s company, expectations, challenges and goals set for the candidate sought, as well as by learning the organizational culture and the growth strategy. The recruitment process is implemented from start to finish by a single experienced consultant who carries out the search process, meets with candidates, creates reports and is in constant contact with candidates. Candidate’s evaluation is based on an in-depth interview during which candidate’s competencies as well as other requirements set by the Client are verified. The interview additionally includes Assessment Centre elements which allow us to establish a better understanding of the actual level of candidate’s soft skills as well as to accurately define the level of their knowledge and skills by way of collecting samples of work. The verification process is continued when candidate’s references are checked.

Managerial Audit

Managerial Audit is enables identifying personal potential of the employee and high accuracy of predicting his professional success. The participant is a subject of various tasks and tests, evaluating his attitude, the way of responding in the stress situations, strong parts and weaknesses within a range of competencies which are being assessed. Carpenter Consulting owns the package of copyright tasks formulated by its Consultants, which are ready to use by our Clients. Each task is tailor-made according to the profile of the organization, aim of the assessment and investigated competences.

360° Evaluation

360 degrees Feedback, namely an assessment of company staff’s competencies carried out by colleagues, superiors, subordinates, inclusive of self-assessment, is used as a tool to verify staff training needs or to support the annual performance review process. Competencies whose anticipated level is agreed upon before the process starts undergo evaluation. Each assessor decides how true statements listed in the questionnaire are, and by the same sets the level of candidate’s competencies. As a result of data collected, a single report is created, which includes a description of candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as listing opportunities and threats linked to candidate’s further career development within the company. The final assessment stage consists of an individual session with the consultant, during which evaluation findings and further development directions are discussed. Carpenter Consulting uses an in-house on-line tool which facilitates the creation of personalized questionnaires and competency models based on a multi-level competency library.


Outplacement Outplacement is the tools used in case of post liquidation, which usually takes place while the company is being restructured or mergered. As much as fusion is a positive shot for the organisation, its negative effects come down on employees of both sides. Depending on the amount of people who are forced to leave the company, the group and individual outplacement programme takes place. Individual outplacement, which is used in the most often, is executed in case of individual dismissals and pertains to middle and top managerial staff and highly-skilled professionals. The aim of the individual programme is to support the employees, that are facing the difficult situation of finding a new job. Outplacement takes place in a 3 months period of time, however the consultant is involved as long as the employees under the programm need his help. The participants can count on the psychological support, consulting concerning their careers and help in active search of new place of work.