Report on Executive Trends 2019

Publication date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Report on Executive Trends 2019

What will shape the C-level top talents global workspace and work environment in 2019? Mediating between Millennials, digital nomads, top talents from different cultures? The question was answered by the C-level head hunters from the IMSA Search, the global executive search network. IMSA Search presents “The Report on Executive Trends 2019”.

Predicting the trends for C-level managers and multinational companies is always a tricky task, correlated with constant change of the world as we know it. At first glance – the economy engines for the year 2019 are still up and running. Despite good perspectives, there are some major turbulences the top management should be aware of. The feeling of an inevitable shift brings more and more questions about the future of C-level management and its workspace. How are head hunters and top managers going to navigate in these difficult times? How is the way the world is changing going to influence top talents and global companies in 2019?

The answers to the questions are included in the report published HERE.