Is it worthwhile to nurture candidates’ satisfaction?

Publication date: Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Is it worthwhile to nurture candidates’ satisfaction? Author: Monika Ciesielska, president of Carpenter Consulting, for Vademecum Pracodawcy 2014

‘I did not receive any feedback following the recruitment process,’ ‘The consultant stopped answering my calls,’ ‘We agreed to get in touch during the week but only silence ensued,’ these are the most frequent comments and opinions voiced by candidates who participate in recruitment processes. Simultaneously, every recruitment agent insists that feedback is given. It is difficult to establish the truth. We were perplexed by this so much that we decided to conduct customer satisfaction survey to learn the level of satisfaction felt on participation in our recruitment processes.

It should be important to headhunters to be seen as dependable and trusted partners. They should pay great attention to conveying constructive feedback to candidates, supplying them with ongoing information on the status of current projects as well as creating a friendly and professional atmosphere when carrying out recruitment meetings. This is precisely why Carpenter Consulting has carried out a short research in the form of a survey. The findings made it possible for us to learn opinions of candidates about the quality of work, to view our initiatives in a broader perspective and to meet candidates’ expectations.

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