IMSA Search Among the Top 30 Global Executive Search Providers

Publication date: Monday, June 3, 2019
IMSA Search Among the Top 30 Global Executive Search Providers

IMSA Search Global Partners, an international network founded in Switzerland more than 25 years ago, was named one of the top global senior level executive search firms. “Each solution is enriched with the force of cultural diversity. That is the backbone of our success.” says Monika Ciesielska, IMSA Search President, commenting on the debut in the Global 30 Ranking by Hunt Scanlon.


We meet at the IMSA Poland (Carpenter Consulting) office downtown Warsaw, where the champagne is still sparkling, and several vegan brownies and cupcakes are still left on the shiny plates. A small celebration took place on this sunny May afternoon, in an office with a spectacular view of a vibrant European capital city. The news about their success was released just a moment before. Monika Ciesielska runs a Polish branch of IMSA Search Global Partners, an international executive search company. She also holds the position of President of IMSA Search, running its global operations.


IMSA Search: Two years ago, after being appointed President of the IMSA Search Global Partners Network, you assumed that it would take at least three years for IMSA Search to find itself among the top 30 Global (report by Hunt Scanlon). IMSA Search reached this goal in 1.5 years. How do you feel?

Monika Ciesielska: Happy and proud. This is an astonishing achievement for all of my colleagues around the world, and a reward for all the effort we’ve put into building a new attitude towards IMSA Search over the last eighteen months. Our work is not complete yet, and we are going to search for tools and solutions which will take our company to the next level, through adding value to our main service, which is the executive recruitment process. We aim to satisfy even the most sensitive recruitment needs of our clients, on middle and C-level positions.


You refer to IMSA Search as a company, instead of an association. Can you explain why?

It all comes down to the strategic goals we agreed on 1.5 years ago. We thought about ourselves as an association. And we acted like an association back then. We had great meetings two times a year, and we exchanged emails a few times a month, but that was all. Then it hit us. Being an association was not enough. We needed to become a company, even if our offices are spread all over five continents. We needed to share more information, exchange  knowledge and communicate with each other on everyday daily basis, just like in traditional companies. So we did. We built inner channels of communication and started to see our role as members of IMSA Search in a different way. I believe that the change of perspective was crucial for us. When we achieved that, other processes started almost naturally.


Full interview with Monika Ciesielska, President of the IMSA Search is available HERE.