How to employ a manager in HoReCa without losing your mind?

How to employ a manager in HoReCa without losing your mind?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 @Monika Ciesielska

MAX is the oldest fast food chain in Sweden. This year it celebrated its 50th birthday and it boasts one hundred restaurants on the local market, with further outlets in Norway, Denmark, and Egypt. In Sweden, burgers served by MAX have been winning taste tests from the beginning of the company’s existence. Starting from 2015, when an independent customer satisfaction survey was carried out for the first time, Swedes have consistently found MAX’s burgers the most tasty – this way the brand defeats all larger international brands in tests. In 2017 MAX won in the blind taste test conducted in Wroclaw by Kantar Millward Brown, an independent polling agency. The test shows that the flavor of Frisco, Max’s flagship burger, is chosen by as many as 59% respondents. This way the company took the lead before two burgers served by international chains: McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King’s Whopper.

/.../ We commenced working for MAX by employing three Store Managers (Kierowników Restauracji) who left for an eight-month training session to Sweden. MAX focused on experienced and ambitious people, capable of taking initiative in action, possessing skills in restaurant management and motivating the team, in the HoReCa sector, unfortunately, subject to substantial rotation.

Carrying out the research, we reached candidates hailing both from chain restaurants and single owner-held enterprises. Already after just the first several weeks, we became aware of the differences between candidates from single owner restaurants and those from chains. Fast food chains handle a substantially higher number of customers, the employee’s wages are also different. Restaurant owners pay better, tips from customers also factor in. In turn, chains offer stability which for candidates is connected to an employment contract, a lower, but timely salary, a well-structured bonus system and benefit procedures which prove helpful in crisis situations. Quid pro quo. A substantial number of candidates treats employment in the HoReCa sector as a transitional period, however a decisive majority of workers in this industry becomes dependent on its characteristic fast pace, quickly changing nature and number of challenges, in principle to be faced on a daily basis.

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